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How scammers work (reviews): MultiBank fake broker review


Aug 4, 2021 ,

New dubious projects are constantly appearing on the international market, and MultiBank is no exception. It is a pseudo broker that positions itself as a reliable company with 25 offices around the world. Attracting as many gullible investors to its platform as possible, the company allows them to trade without a swap, holds major competitions and provides flexible leverage. In today’s review, we will tell you how this office really differs and why you should not believe its beautiful words.

multibank reviews and deception

Analysis of the brokerage company MultiBank

The company has a website with a simple design and standard images. She positions herself as a global broker and in every possible way demonstrates this to her potential clients. On the main page of multibankfx.com you can see a picture of a spinning globe. This picture evokes involuntary associations with world domination – which is what MultiBank’s marketers are trying to achieve. The official website serves as a bait to attract as many investors as possible.

This firm calls itself a leading financial institution. It offers to trade Forex currencies, precious metals, stocks , stock indices and digital coins. The company claims to own $ 322 million in capital. Using these funds, she is able to pay compensation in the event of bankruptcy or other unforeseen circumstances.

The site says that the firm is regulated by many government agencies, including European and American organizations. It is noteworthy that licenses and certificates exist only in words, and the brokerage company does not provide any evidence of regulation. It seems that all the loud statements are empty words designed to lure into a financial trap.

multibank instruments

What do MultiBank clients promise? A company with multiple platforms

On the pages of the brokerage site, you can read about the provision of first-class services from a globally recognized brand. The firm talks about cutting-edge trading platforms, while real-life comments on the web point to outright MultiBank scams. The broker is engaged in questionable activities and has not yet come under the supervision of law enforcement agencies. For now, he can still mislead newcomers, promising them an unrivaled quality of service, but soon this office will cease to exist forever.

MultiBank has posted information about 4 trading platforms that literally everyone can use:

  • Metatrader 4 is a market order execution format. The trader gets access to a wide range of assets, including currencies, metals, indices, commodities, and more. An expert advisor is connected to the system to automate the workflow. The leverage reaches a ratio of 1: 500.
  • ECN PRO – the spread level starts from 0 pips. Minimum account size from 5,000 US dollars. The bonus amount is 25% of the starting capital. By inviting a friend, a trader can use another bonus program and receive additional funds.
  • MultiBank PRO – spreads from 0.8 pips, starting from $ 1,000.
  • Maximus is the most convenient option for beginners, which provides for trading with spreads from 1.4 pips. Starting capital starts from 50 US dollars. The bonus amount reaches 100%.

Before downloading one of the presented programs, you must make sure that MultiBank is bona fide. Negative reviews will make it possible to make a competent assessment of the company, to determine its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, this project was made with the aim of making quick money, and therefore it does not provide for the provision of services. The posted information serves only to create the correct image.

where does multibank work

Exposing MultiBank. A scam that is hiding behind trade!

Verification showed that the firm we reviewed was a standard scam. Its target audience is made up of newcomers who do not know how to understand legal documents and do not pay any attention to the company’s reputation. Among the comments, there are extremely negative statements about MultiBank. Reviews point to the offshore origin of the company, impudent deception of customers and the absence of a real license.

On specialized web resources and forums, you can read a lot of negative facts about cooperation with MultiBank. Fraudsters drain the client’s deposit and perform any manipulations, just not to pay their client. Experienced traders call the office a dummy, collecting money from gullible market players.

customer reviews

Since absolutely all comments are negative, we do not recommend contacting this organization. The fraudulent office pursues only one goal – to take possession of other people’s finances. It will attract with great trading conditions and the potential for enrichment, but don’t pay attention to sweet talk. In fact, MultiBank does not withdraw funds, taking all the invested funds for itself.

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